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BJTF is an advantage player site based on the principles of comity. That is, civil and considerate behavior for the mutual benefit of all involved. The goal of advantage play is the legal extraction of funds from gaming establishments by gaining a mathematic advantage and developing the skills required to use that advantage.

To maximize our success, it is important to understand that we are all on the casino wants money back side. Personal conflicts simply get in the way of our goals. The views and opinions expressed in this forum are those of the authors and do not click here reflect the position of money bet online management.

See the top rated post in this thread. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Did you find this post helpful? Security called 5 minutes later and told the pit boss about it. The pit boss told me to give back the money. When I hesitated, the dealer just grabbed the chips from my stack.

Is that even legal? I thought later, "What would they have done if I lost all my chips before they figured casino wants money back out? Maybe I should have made a stink and asked to see the tape, or maybe I should have protested to a gaming agent You have that option in any state, right? I am trying to figure out now what is the best thing to do in these situations.

Maybe if the error is hundreds of dollars the best thing is to color up and run before eye in the sky has casino wants money back to inform the pit. If you are playing rated, could that hurt your potential to keep getting free stuff? But maybe if the error is less obvious i. What do you think is the best way to handle these situations? Give them the money back for the error. If they press the issue you will not like the legal outcome. Luck is nothing more than probability taken personally!

Technically, no it's not legal for the dealer to grab your chips out of your stack and put them in his rack. They are not in play and your possession makes you the presumptive owner. Casino wants money back jaywalking is also illegal. Why bother to see the tape? Were you confident it would show other errors in which the dealer wrongfully took your money on a win? Asking to see please click for source tape really is the avenue of the truly innocent.

Casino wants money back should have walked out after the overpay. I've always been prepared to argue that any portion the casino wants back must be offset by the amount I tipped; casino wants money back quite honestly, I've never had big overpays where the dealer wasn't obviously jeopardizing his job in an effort to jockey tips--and I don't leave that table even if I should.

And if I think I'm being hawked on decent sized errors, I give them back and wait for the smaller ones. But other than that and the ability to find mistakes in the house's favor, you had no claim casino slot machine games the money until you were gone.

Refusing to comply could be construed as larceny. Best way to handle it--leave immediately, and IMO, throw out a generous tip. Last edited by Boz; at Originally Posted by Boz. That part is just my opinion, that's why I made sure to put IMO I never casino wants money back immediately following a substantial error, and almost never after a small one.

But I do it soon enough so the dealer associates it with the errant hand, Reason I'd say to tip in the situation you required deposit what auction at is is because it makes you look innocent and it casino wants money back you a basis to argue the amount they want back Now they http://meroe.info/online-casino-portals.php to take back the win and live dealer blackjack canada the tip?

I casino wants money back think so. Casino wants money back less likely to even log the matter, and if they do, I very much think you will get your tip back if you fight about it. It might look like collusion to the casino, but card counting looks like cheating to the casino. If you didn't coordinate with the dealer, you didn't collude, and they know they don't legally have a case. I think you seriously underestimate the number of dealers who purposely put their job at risk to jockey for tips, or sometimes even out of pity for a disabled person.

Most of these are veterans who's jobs are relatively secure, and pay very small mistakes infrequently. Like I said, I think tipping reduces the risk they demand the money back because A you look innocent, and B you now have a claim on the dealers' tip. You didn't keep all the money. I am not suggesting in any way my philosophy is correct and others are incorrect, or even that I would apply it in every situation. Do what you are comfortable with How much do I owe?

By mushin in forum General Blackjack Forum. A couple questions about dealer errors By happycounter in learn more here Blackjack Main.

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